Select the perfect Book Cover Design to match the theme of your Dream Book

5 Seconds

2 blinks of eyes

1 random disturbance

The potential book consumer jumps to judge another book just by looking at the cover design.


The procedure of book cover designing had changed a lot during the era of the raise of the online eCommerce platforms selling books. The subject, minimalist representation of the theme, color, title readability in thumbnail view and many other factors are controlling the potential book buyer’s mind. If you are already not a best seller writer (most of us are not), the book cover is the only way to appeal a completely unknown reader to let click the thumbnail of the book and spend some time on deciding whether to buy that book or not.


If the package you have chosen does not allow us to design the end to end cover for your book, you will have the following options:



* Contact us to get a discount on multiple title cover-designing.

** After first round of service, if the author is unsatisfied regarding the first delivery of book cover design, he/she can create a list of the suggestions we missed and e-mail us for the second round or cover design without any extra payment. This is applicable only for the Ultimate cover-designing service.

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While publishing with us, the author may also upload the cover for the book
By uploading an image, the AUTHOR confirms he has the Copyright for all the images/designs/photographs used on that book cover.
Minimum size: A5(5.8″ x 8.3″) | Minimum resolution: 300dpi
There should be no text present in the image.
Save Yourself From Cyber Theft book cover images. Never copy a random free image from Internet to save yourself from a future court case.