Upload the Manuscript, Cover Design & Author’s photo & Proceed

Upload your manuscript & pay special attention to the following points
i. Download the 24by7 Publishing Manuscript Template & Self-Publishing Tips by 24by7 Publishing and create the manuscript carefully. Please collect the coupon code from us to get them absolutely FREE.
ii. You must use proper fonts, specified in the template and the Self-Publishing Tips eBook.
iii. Make sure, all the images you have inserted are at-least of 300 dpi.
iv. In case of any non-English language: Please note, we ONLY support unicode fonts. Example: Unicode German, Unicode Hindi, Unicode Bengali, Unicode Gujrati etc.
v. Choose proper book cover for your book. Follow our book cover guidelines(size, specification and image quality) to create and upload your own book cover. Or, to keep things simple you may choose from some of our available book-cover templates. Most of our packages include cover design by our in-house designers. No need to worry about the cover in that case.
vi. Please make sure to fill-up all of the mandatory fields in the form while uploading the manuscript to stop unnecessary delay in processing. Putting phrases like “NA”, “N/A” etc. in mandatory fields are not encouraged.
vi. Upload the manuscript by following all of the above points to get published.